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Cheap Kobe Basketball Shoes cabl leider unsere letzten beiden konzerte
'We really need Accelerate' On perfectly 5, king abdullah removed the director of jordan's general intellect directorate, generation.Saad kheir.Though kheir was widely respected for his skill in counterterrorism shops, the jordanian monarch believed the intellect chief had become an obstacle to the political and economic reforms he hopes to launch this summer. The jordanian moves are the latest evidence of the reform battle materializing here, and then in egypt, syria, lebanon and saudi persia.The bush management is pushing for reforms and is seen by many arabs as a driving force.But the recent events in jordan are an indication that, ultimately, all the government is local.Abdullah has been suggesting reform for six years, but he has made limited progress because of entrenched domestic others.Now he will quickly move more aggressively. Kheir was widely regarded as the second strongest man in jordan.As in most arab region, the brains service here maintains extensive files and a pervasive network of informants, which gives the brains chief considerable political leverage.Kheir was a particularly effective spymaster and a favorite of former cia director george tenet.Abdullah has moved kheir to the palace as national home surveillance adviser, where he can keep searching his anti terrorism efforts. Abdullah has taken other steps to shake up jordan during the last two months, including forming a new national in april in which reformists are more prominent, applying a new chief of the royal palace and replacing the director of public security.Congestion.But there's little proof of that.Strongly, when abdullah stated his reform plans in a white house meeting in march, lead designer bush is said to have approved, but informed,"Don't hesitate!Easy, "What the king found was that not all agencies were in step with his program, a top agent to abdullah said. "One arm was working resistant to the other.Individuals were confused.The king to be able to bring in a team that was reformist and worked in tandem, The top royal adviser explained the king's decision to replace the chiefs of brains and public security: "The mind agencies wanted to continue their grip on the country.They felt that by checking, some might lose that grip.They confused computer home surveillance and policy issues.Being an intelligence agency in this place in the world, that's how they always managed, Abdullah is also trying to cope with public worries about corruption.He plans to announce soon an ombudsman who will take over the anti corruption department that was run by the intellect agency.And he is moving to end government contracts for a prominent jordanian entrepreneur, khaled shaheen, who has been criticized in media reports for being too close to the palace and the safety agencies.Shaheen's assistant said he was moving and couldn't be reached for comment. Jordan's economic reforms will be framed by the finance minister, bassem awadallah, who returned to united states in the april reshuffle.He plans to announce in july a plan to reduce about $620 million in oil subsidies over the next two to many years, and to cut this deficit by about $600 million over the same period.He will also launch a roughly $500 million privatization of jordan's telecoms, power generation and phosphate mining companies.Awadallah has been a lightning rod for small critics, and attacks on him could very well increase when the new fiscal measures begin to bite. Their"Country wide agenda"Of political reforms is being cooked by marwan muasher, a former foreign minister who became director of the royal court in the recent interrupt.He hopes to launch this plan in september with several 10 year targets, such as providing national heath care treatment, halving being out of work from the current 14 percent, and increasing per capita income.Abdullah will call for a national referendum to endorse the package. Jordan has been something of an oasis of tranquility in a turbulent local region, and many jordanians worry that the reform effort will bring lack of stability.But abdullah is convinced that the coming storm over reform surpasses the hurricane that would result from inactivity. "We should accelerate, says websites adviser. "We simply cannot stay where we are,

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